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Victory Barn was the vision of Karlen and Jessie Day. Their original desire was to create a place of quiet solitude for Christians and churches to fellowship and relax. The barn rests on the original Day homestead and was converted to accomodate groups and meetings.

In the late 1970's, Karlen and Jessie conducted meetings for The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, gathering men from our four-county area. Weekly bible studies were held at The Barn.

The Victory Barn Church was founded in January of 1990 under the Headship of Jesus Christ. Pastor Betty Green Ministries is the covering ministry over this church. The board consists of Pastor Betty Green, Pastor Richard Sarver (Pastor Green's pastor), and Pastor Rosene Short Moseley.

Here at Victory Barn, there are a wide range of ministries, from the gifts of helps, intercession, praise & worship, hospital ministry, nursing home ministry, deliverance, counseling, shut-in ministry, maintenance, building improvements and cleaning.

What a blessing! The body of Jesus Christ joined together, marching in love and unity, to see His Kingdom and His Will be done.


Pastor: Rosene Short Moseley
Assistant Pastor: Amanda Southworth-Jackson
Evangelist: Drew Moseley
Youth Leader: James Jackson
Children's Leader: Sarah Southworth-Douse
Bible College Teacher: Betty Tanner

Robert Lantz
Drew Moseley
Phil and Barb Southworth

Service Times

Sunday Morning Service

Intercession: 7:00am-9:30am
Morning Service: 9:30am

Sunday Evening Fresh Oil Service

Intercession: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Evening Service: 7:00pm
Young Adults
Upper Room Youth Ministry
Children of Victory

Wednesday Evening Service

Intercession: 1:00pm-7:00pm
Evening Service: 7:00pm
Young Adults
Upper Room Youth Ministry
Children of Victory

Thursday Intercession

Prayer and Fasting

Wheat Bar

Victory Barn Church
05256 State Route 49
Edgerton, Ohio 43517